Franco Raggi

Born in Milan in 1945, graduated in architecture from Milan Polytechnic in 1969. From 1971 to '76 he was editor of Casabella magazine and 1977-1980 managing editor of Design MODO magazine that he directed until 1983. In 1973, then he ordered in collaboration with Aldo Rossi the International Architecture Section of the Milan Triennale. Also in 1973, the IDZ (Internationale Design Zentrum) in Berlin he has created and ordained the first exhibition criticizes the Italian Radical Design. From '75 to '77 he was coordinator secretary of the Section Visual Arts and Architecture of the Venice Biennale, directed by Vittorio Gregotti, for which in particular has ordered the exhibition "Europe America: urban-suburban alternative architectures". In 1979-80 he was in charge of the Design Collection at the Milan Triennale, realizing exhibitions "Design Census" and "The house is decorated." For the Venice Biennale in 1981 (Architecture Section) has designed and set up in partnership, the exhibition "The Banal Object". In 1983 for the XVII Triennale di Milano, he has designed and set up in collaboration with the exhibition "Le case della Triennale: 8 contemporary domestic projects". XVIII Triennale in 1988 ordered and filled the Design Section of the Show Topics "The future of the metropolis". In 1997/98 he ordered and set up the "copyright Goths" exhibitions for Barovier & Toso in Milan and "dangerous Joggles" for "Abitare il Tempo" in Verona. In 2009 the Triennle Milan ordered and prepared for the Order of Architects of Milan, the exhibition "Expo After Expo" As an author he has participated in several exhibitions including: "Absence Presence" (Bologna 1978) "Fifty years of Italian architecture "(Milan 1979)," Provokationen "(Düsseldorf 1982)," From the spoon to the city "(Milan 1983)," A generation Postmodern "(Genova 1983)," Phoenix "(Toronto 1984). "The neomerce" (Milan-Paris 1985), "Habitat" (Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Basel, 1988), "Neoclassical" (Trieste 1990), "Identity and difference-I of living stories" (Triennale di Milano 1994 ), "Radical Architecture" - (Orleans, Frac 2001), "Archilab's" (Taipei-Taiwan 2008). His was a personal exhibition of drawings and sculptures held in 2005 at the Milan Jannone Gallery His writings and projects have been published in leading Italian and foreign magazines. He has given lectures and seminars in Berlin, London, Zurich, Aspen, Atlanta, Chicago, New Dheli, Osaka, Valencia, Santiago, Chile, Shanghai, New York, Buenos Aires. Designed architecture, installations, exhibitions, books, sets, environments and objects; the latter for various companies, including: Fontana Arte, Cappellini, Poltronova, Italtel Telematics, Luceplan, Tendentse / Alessi, France Roset, Kartell, Glas, Barovier & Toso, Candle, Zeus Noto, Danish and Artemis. From 2001 to 2011 he was art director and consultant for the image and design of the Barovier & Toso Murano (Venice). From 1990 to 2009 he was deputy editor of the magazine FLARE Design magazine. His lamp "On Off" produced by Luceplan is included in the permanent collection of the MOMA in New York. Designs and works are in the collection of the FRAC (Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain) in Orleans (France) at the Triennale in Milan and in various private collections. In 1985 -1986 he taught at the Faculty of Architecture of Pescara. From 1989 to 2000 he taught at the European Institute of Design in Milan in which from 1996 to 1998 was head of the Department of Architecture. Since 2001 she teaches interior design at the ISIA of Florence. In 2011/12 he taught Culture Project at NABA in Milan
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