About us

Cyrcus - direct design direct marketing -, is an e-commerce platform for products created with professional digital fabrication. Each product is created in collaboration with “auteur designers”.

Supported by a network of designers and suppliers, the platform offers unique and customized products for each kind of user.

Cyrcus believes in digital fabrication and promotes it as a tool which enables innovation and empowers the Italian design heritage and “Made in Italy” through its methodology and thanks to the involvement of designers on the platform.

The project is a response to the need of renewal and finding new languages within the design sector, one substantial element of Made in Italy.

Digital fabrication has introduced a change in the production chain, through the deconstruction of the traditional chain, phasing out the need to dispose of supplies in stock.

The projects are implemented by Cyrcus with auteur designers and emerging designers, in an active and participatory way, starting from early design stage and up to the finished product. Emphasis is placed on projects that do not have an economy of scale and of assembly and are designed to enhance custom and open design.

Collectors and enthusiasts have a chance to follow on Cyrcus their “design icons” with their latest creations. Thanks to the potential of 3D printing and professional laser cutting / CNC, the pieces can be customized in terms of sizes, materials and shapes in order to offer a unique product.

Cyrcus presents itself as an experimental laboratory for digital fabrication and a means of innovation in the planning and production methodology, values that reflect all the stakeholders involved, stimulating them into the future.


Each product is made exclusively for Cyrcus by our network of authors, customized according to user requirements. Our products are made on demand, allowing for each user to create a product tailored to its needs.
Thank to digital fabrication can be changed for each product: size, materials
and finishes.