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Company gadget

Cyrcus offer a special contract system formula for museum, artgallery, hotel, design store, interior designer and architects. 

Cyrcus offer a special customizable gadget made for your personal works or for your company. We made gadget that you can customize for an event and for your clients, made exclusively in digital fabrication technology (3D print, CNC and laser cut)

Let's us know at info@cyrcus.it if you want more information about Cyrcus, our products, business and product proposal.


Cyrcus company gadget are made by best the services of this field. Guaranteeing originality, quality of production and materials. 

Instapartners company bricks gadget

Cyrcus has made the gadget business for the company Instapartners today Credimi. For this company Cyrcus made 20 custom bricks in polished aluminum made with laser cut technology.
The brick size of 60 mm x 120 h 40 are customized with your company logo engraved and filled with pantone on request ballasted.



Cyrcus has created bookmarks for the employees of the CGIL. The bookmarks in red are made with laser cut and have engraved on the back of the CGIL logo.


COPPA + LANDINI bookmarks. The Company has strategic consulting Powered by Cyrcus 1000 bookmarks as gifts come Christmas gadgets for its customers. in mirroring steel made with engraved and Cut the logo made with laser cutting technology. Franco Raggi is the designe of this bookmark.